What We Do

Development Services

ProApps develops apps for every smartphone platform. Contact us today to learn about our affordable pricing plans and packages.

♦ Mobile apps for every smartphone platform (iOS, Android, Windows 8, Blackberry). ♦ Native and web-based mobile apps. Integration with existing web application or website. ♦ Website development to help customers put their best foot forward on web. ♦ Free cloud hosting, zero operational cost for customers. ♦ Free administration and content management. ♦ 14 days rapid development cycle, aided by proapps's proprietary frameworks. ♦ 24x7 support, with no additional cost.

Gaming Industry

Gaming Industry creates 2D and 3D games. Development is undertaken by a our professional game developers & designers.

Food Industry

Food Industry covers all the restaurants to coffee shops and café's around the globe. Dozens of Food chains are using our services.

Fashion Industry

Fashion industry is gaining power by taking some Tech steps. We are providing some ready to deploy apps for this giant industry.

Real Estate Industry

We also provide apps that helps the clients to buy and sell their property. These apps are for Real Estates industry.

Social Media Campaigns

We know that marketing is a headache. You just have to sit back and we'll run your campaign through Social Media.

Health-Care Industry

Arn't you feeling well? Never take us easy. We also have number of professional doctors providing 24/7 help to those who use our Healthcare Apps.

Customer relationship management

Customer relationship management (CRM) apps for managing your brand's interactions with current and future customers.

SME Office Automation

We're also providing Small and medium enterprises (SMEs) or small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) to our clients.


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Our Working Plan?

♦ Request a Free Quote for your project or send us an email at sales@proapps.com.au you can also call us at 1800 PRO APP
♦ We will contact you to discuss your project along with Free Quote Estimation.
♦ Once you agree, we’ll finally discuss the project plan and design.
♦ Once your projct is completed our billing department will send you invoices depending on the payment terms agreed between you and ProApps.




  • Gaming Industry 75%



Our Services Workflow:

  • We work with you to determine what elements of your business you want put into the spotlight,and what features you want to be showcased in your professional app.

  • Once we’ve determined the requirements, We estimate of the scope of the development. Our team then plans accordingly, providing you with a clear project outline.

  • Our professional graphics designers work up stunning concept images that establish a reference framework. Then, our software developers build upon that and apply more sophisticated methods.

  • Preliminary data models and business process models kick off the development. It is followed through by our thorough and hardworking developers.

  • Deployment begins after the app has been appropriately tested and approved for release. Installation and customization follows.

  • We apply extensive analytics to your app so that you can obtain valuable insights about customer usage and activities.

  • Software is only effective if used correctly. That’s why we provide extensive support and training for you once your app has been fully developed. This support will enable you to maximize the benefits of your new Pro App.

Our Clients

Some of the popular brands that successfully worked and partnered with us

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