We welcome all businesses, small and large who consider IT outsourcing as a opportunity to reduce costs and increase efficiency.

Hire Web Developer

Hire our dedicated team of 500+ developers who endure 10+ years of working experience in various IT verticals. We produce solutions based on an array of technologies which suffice the need and requirement of enterprises. Our dedicated developers integrate services which will compliment your in-house activities. The unique combination of experience and expertise based team available 24*7*365 will enable you with your complete development and direct control of your ongoing projects which will result in desirable outcomes. With 100% confidentiality and related agreements to deliver secured solutions, we promise guaranteed monitoring.

Monitor Work:

• Monitor project undertaken by your assigned Dedicated developers.
• Project timetable and the outcome you expect from Web programmers
• Follow-ups of development process for confirmation of project staying on right way.
• Interact hired Web programmers directly.
• ExpertsFromIndia’s management provides supervision to your Software Web Developers.
• Your offshore dedicated developer will give services same as an in-house developer.

Hire Dedicated Developers

Our dedicated developers services enable you to get qualified and experienced software developer(s) in China and internationally, to suit your requirements. Developers are fully dedicated and integrated into your projects and onsite teams. Ideally, the developers are chosen to complement your culture & skills and work on the projects only for you during the defined period.

They often work in Agile or Scrum method of development and are in constant communications with you – Skype, e-mail, phone calls, IM, and they are sending daily reports and using variety of reporting tools and do frequent code drops. It is an effective way to meet the needs of your special or seasonal projects with the same standard as your onshore counterparts, up to and including co-branding.


Dedicated Developer

Work exp. (years)



Junior Engineer


Shows good programming ability, able to take part in most projects or independently small projects.

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Software Engineer


Fluent English reading and writing skills and able to communicate with clients via email or IM.
Creative and positive; self-organizing and able to solve challenges by analyzing and adapting appropriate methods.

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Senior Software


Excellent English reading and writing skills and able to communicate with clients via email or IM.
Able to understand the big picture and what is trying to be achieved with relevant project experience.
Able to take part in most projects as a Senior Engineer, PM or SA and guide a team with more than 10 persons.

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(Software Architect)


Strong Analytical Skill with good oral & written communication skill. Capable of providing relevant consulting expertise or take part in building a successful outsourcing cooperation.
Able to provide on-site support service.

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Our dedicated developers have worked with multiple clients in different geographic and they understand that, success of project depends on mutual understanding, trust and commitment.


Contact details:

  • ProApps Australia: Level 12, 75 Pitt Street Sydney, Australia NSW 2000 ( 1300 882 261 & 1800 PRO APP)
  • ProApps Europe: ProApps UK, Basingstoke, Hampshire RG21, United Kingdom ( 0779 873 4270 )
  • ProApps America ProApps Canada, 1306, Konihowski Road Saskatoon, S7S1K9, Canada
  • Email: info@proapps.com.au


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